Faux Painting And Fine Interior Finishes In Austin Texas

Faux Painting has historical roots in Napoleonic France when precious woods and marble were scarce due to war. The nobility turned to its Decorative Artists to create the illusion or ‘Faux” of precious materials. MFC Art Studio, a Decorative Arts Studio specializes in recreating Faux Finishes, Murals, Venetian Plaster, Stenciling, Cabinet Refinishing, Decorative Painting and more.  The variety of techniques available to clients and Interior Designers give so many options for creating a home that is custom suited to the taste of the home owner. With the quality of paint, plasters and metallic materials available the only limit is imagination.

Faux Finishing And Decorative Painting For Your Home Or Office

Michael Couvillon has the knowledge and skill to create all manner of effects to fulfill all design options.
MFC Art Studios is rare in the full range of its services. Besides Decorative Art and Faux Painting we also paint Interiors, do wall and ceiling repair and carpentry as well. So with one call you will receive a complete painting project.
Faux Finishes are not only service, we can do it all.

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MFC Art Studio is a faux finishing art studio and artist. Our main offerings include: faux wall finishes, mural painting, children’s room painting, decorative art, faux stone and marble finishes, and other faux and decorative finishing art and techniques.