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Fine Decorative Art Ideas For Your Next Home Or Office Remodeling Project

The term “Decorative Art” is used here to refer to giving special attention to particular objects or areas in a home.  Separate from faux finishing, Decorative Painting can include hand painted wallpaper, stencils, or a mural.  For instance, a client wanted a wall niche enhanced so we created the appearance of a stained glass panel in a Tiffany style, all in paint.  Another client wanted to ‘open’ up a small space so the panels on a closet door were painted to resemble a window looking out on their favorite sea side vacation spot.

Decorative Painting By Fine Artist In Austin Texas

There are many ways a Decorative Artist can create interest in home décor to inspire conversation, whimsy and comfort.  Dining Rooms are a perfect place for the special effects of Decorative Art.  A hand painted border could be classical, urban modern or free flowing.  A decoratively painted screen to section off an area is an excellent way to create not only a design statement but create an heirloom for future generations

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MFC Art Studio is a faux finishing art studio and artist. Our main offerings include: faux wall finishes, mural painting, children’s room painting, decorative art, faux stone and marble finishes, and other faux and decorative finishing art and techniques.