Floor Finishes And Floor Refinishing Techniques By Austin Texas Fine Artist

Decorative painting is not limited to just walls or furniture.  Decorative Floor Finishes can utilize special painting techniques to achieve an artistic effect at relatively low cost.  Floor Refinishing can be achieved with many surfaces; concrete being the most common.  Creative artistic designs can be applied to wood decks, floors, and concrete, in both interior and exterior environments.  Michael once painted a plain concrete floor to look like aged plantation brick.  It came out highly realistic and the client was thrilled. 

Beautiful Flooring Finishes For All Surfaces For The Home Or Office

Concrete can be stained with excellent results but sometimes previous carpet installations have left too many blemishes to cover properly with stain.  In this situation, paint is a good alternative and wears quite well.  Many faux techniques also work well with verdigris or stone and marble.  Wood floors can be stained with interesting “inlaid” patters of varying colors that are really stunning.

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MFC Art Studio is a faux finishing art studio and artist. Our main offerings include: faux wall finishes, mural painting, children’s room painting, decorative art, faux stone and marble finishes, and other faux and decorative finishing art and techniques.