Decorative Faux Stone And Marble Finishes

Stone and Marble Finishes are the classic “faux” effects.  Creating the illusion of believable granite and limestone or the classic marbles of ancient Greece and Rome is a great challenge to the trompe l’oeil artist.  However, when achieved, the deep color and illusion of true marble can be an excellent way to make a mundane wood column spectacular

Faux Stone And Marble Finishing Including Limestone, Granite, Marbleizing, Textures and More

Other great places for marbleizing techniques include fire place surrounds, mirror frames, countertops, door trim, and ceilings.  Good design and professional glazing technique can truly give the look and feel of a Faux Stone or Faux Marble surface.  The elegant use of marble can give an interior a grand look.  Frequently you will see people compelled to touch a surface to prove to themselves that it is a painted surface and not real stone.  Used judiciously these “faux” finishes are the perfect design element for many homes.

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MFC Art Studio is a faux finishing art studio and artist. Our main offerings include: faux wall finishes, mural painting, children’s room painting, decorative art, faux stone and marble finishes, and other faux and decorative finishing art and techniques.