Fine Interior Wall Finishes

Wall Finishes come in a wide variety of styles, colors and techniques.  Glazing has been very popular and Venetian plaster also is gaining in popularity, but these are not by any means all the options available.  Examples that MFC Art Studio has mastered include classic Faux Wall Finishes, broken color, negative effect glaze, tissue glazing, sponging, and stenciling.  These and many other options introduce texture and interest where desired.

Faux Wall Finishes And Other Wall Finish Designs

The look of marble or stone, stripes and hand painted wallpaper are perfect for areas such as dining rooms, master bathrooms and entry ways.  Powder rooms (half baths) are perfect places to make a dramatic statement with bold and innovative ideas.  Hallways that are dark or long can be made more inviting with faux wall finishes. Niches for art or sculpture can be enhanced to draw the visitor’s eye to the piece on display.  Working with lighting effects, walls can be made to glow with deeply glazed colors for an effect that is truly stunning.

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MFC Art Studio is a faux finishing art studio and artist. Our main offerings include: faux wall finishes, mural painting, children’s room painting, decorative art, faux stone and marble finishes, and other faux and decorative finishing art and techniques.