Wood Graining And Faux Wood Grain Finishing For Home Or Office

Like stone, wood graining is a classic “faux” finish.  Faux Wood Grain is another excellent way to enhance the interest and beauty of certain areas of your home.  Doors and trim are good places for Wood Graining as are cabinets.  The advantages of graining are the possibility of creating the beauty of fine woods that would be very expensive to purchase or install, especially on existing surfaces.  Mahogany, oak, and antique pine can be realistically rendered on an office desk, book case, or raised paneling.  Refurbishing these elements give a new look and feel with minimal cost. 

Wood Grain Finish Work For Every Surface By Fine Artist In Austin Texas

Michael reports that even an accomplished woodworker had to look very closely at a powder room cabinet that had been grained in mahogany to figure out that it was a painted Wood Grain Finish and not real wood.  The enhancement of graining to home décor is a proven way to create an aesthetic value to any object where wood is a preferred choice but too costly.

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